What are Extensions?
Extensions are basically templated programs that can be quickly and easyly added to a website.

What are they good for?
Extensions are good for quick and easy setup, we have several different Extensions to choose from doing different things.

What is the pricing for Extensions?
The starting price to get you a Extensions is at $50 to just install it onto your site, but to fully edit the program the price increase depending on the time it take to fully design it.

How long will it take to get set up?
The average time to get a Extensions  set up is normally 1-2 days average, but it depends if you just want us to just install it or also set up the inner workings as well.

What's the advantage of hosting with us?
If you host with us you get full access to our website templates, get a 20% discount on the designing of your site, and also a free domain name.

Hosting with us?  

We use 3rd party service to get these Extensions check them out here
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